A Long wait

It was time, that I have to marry and so the search for a suitable groom began. My parents were quite dedicated to finding a guy for me. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as my dad serves in Air Force. My family preferred a Haryanvi guy as we are from Haryana and you know well about the culture there. If we liked some guy, my dad has to put leave and travel to Haryana to see the guy. This took a lot of our time and effort. To avoid this hustle, we created an account on a matrimonial site. So, this one fine day a match came, the guy was a teacher and we all liked him and eventually, I got married to him. So yes, it was an arrange marriage for me.
The time was good, everyone was nice and so caring to me. We lived in Haryana but my husband’s job was in Delhi, also he had an Academy opened for Sports. After school, in the evenings he uses to take classes there. Many a time this routine takes his entire day. He manages to get free by 10 at night and then Delhi’s traffic, many a time it happened that he couldn’t get back to home but stayed back in his room in Delhi. Sometimes I stayed with him so that we can spend some time together, but even that was difficult after having a tiring day.
Since he was busy most of the time with his schedule, there became a huge communication gap between us, which lead to fights. You all know being a newly married in the family you are supposed to perform so many rituals and hence use to stay more with in-laws than my husband. It was all getting too much for me as I missed him and wanted him at any cost as I could no longer bare the distance coming between us. I tried many times to spend time with him, as after marriage he is the only person in your in-laws’ family whom you trust, with whom you want to share your day and things. But since we barely got the chance to be with each other, rather than getting close we were going away and away from each other.
All this made me too frustrated. I was always irritated and reacted to every small thing around me. My patience became almost NIL. Even my mom said that I am changing, I couldn’t even tell her how helpless I feel. With the new environment around me and with my husband staying away, I felt too lonely there.
This continued for almost three years. We barely got to spend time together and even in that mostly we ended up fighting on a silly topic.
Then happened the Lockdown. I was all over the news that everything is going to shut and no one is supposed to step outside their houses. This news was disturbing for my husband as his job is private and how would he earn, even the academy will be shut. I tried to console him, and calm him down that things will be fine soon. We will overcome this difficult time together. Seeing the virus catching people and killing people, the situation becoming worst day after another, he realized it was safe to stay in, money can be earned any time later.
Now all his time is mine. After marriage, we never got a chance to understand each other well but now we started spending time with each other, knowing each other. We understand each other better now. I realized my husband never opened up to me, and now that he shares things with me. I am so glad to this time. He took care of my health and even prepared a diet chart for me. That was so sweet of him! He even made me understand how important daily exercise is for the body and we exercised together.
We started caring for each other well, now we know every small thing about each other. I know if he ate or not, how much did he eat, and his favourite dish. He even helped me in the kitchen while I am doing the chores alone. Seeing this, even in-laws realized that we were missing each other’s time together. I know it’s late, almost after three years but it was happening. We were coming close, to understanding each other. Now if I am busy or doing something he instantly misses me and wants to know where I am stuck, and what am I doing. We listen to each other; we understand each other well. I am grateful to God for giving us the time and I pray for everyone that they are safe from the virus.
Now even if the lockdown opens, our relationship will remain as strong as now we understand the need for each other, and our bond is strong. Due to this no matter how much distance will be, we will care for each other. We will continue to be there for each other.



I am suman deswal, 29, love to read and write. I love to write in such a way that it brings hope to the reader’s mind. This is my story hope this gives a ray of hope towards living life. I understand lockdown can get on our nerves, it’s difficult. It is affecting us mentally, physically, and economically. We, humans, are locomotory animals, and when asked not to step outside our world turned upside down. In the same way, it was difficult for me too, educating my child being home, which happen to an extent in school was not easy Environment was different at home but somehow, I managed to give my best to all my students.
I am sharing some of my good moments of mine here which will tell you about my experience during this tough time. Hope it brings hope to you, humanity is alive on hope itself. Cheers!
Suman deswal
Author: Suman Deswal

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