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” Why the term “men need to protect women” is tainted by tainted virility?
The book describes how Nikita dealt with the issues she had in her life.
Nikita can see emotions as people. That hooked me as soon as I read that line.
She is the kind of girl who learned how to conceal her emotions and feelings through time. She thought that sharing her thoughts and experiences with anyone would only result in reprimands and punishments.
“I guess pretending can be similar to hiding. Hiding doesn’t seem like the right word to use, though. I would say that when someone is pretending to be something, or hiding who they are or what they believe, they’re more… Protecting themselves.”
Guys, you will never understand how much I and my friend ( she ) are in love with this book. It makes particularly her to it and thinks about things. My friend has those wonderful, beautiful moments when she read something puts my book down and just feels her heart expanding and a smile growing on her face. I also trying to love those moments. This book always causes those moments. 🙂
“There is no expression or light; all that is left are bones, skin, and organs that are rapidly losing their function. It’s strange how things may change their purpose.”
This section terrified me. When Nikita tries to tell her mother or father about something, and they recognise that there is a problem in her life, it is my second favourite part of the entire book! I cry every time I hear it.
“Sometimes the things you see aren’t very nice, are they?
Additionally, it is the ideal present for individuals especially young girl who is hopeless, unmotivated, or empty of life! Moreover lovely cover,
The writing is straightforward, easily understood, and almost read at its pace. It is especially commendable that the author? manages to do this while still treating the characters delicately. “

@iamprabaltandon has beautifully inscribed his valuable words for Author’s work Fragmented Childhood: Self- Reflection is scary, But necessary for Growth.

Author: Suman Deswal

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